I am a Michigan attorney who has been a student of Joaquin Frias for the past four years. I have acted as a legal and business consultant to Canseco-Saldana-Escobedo, a major Mexican law firm, for the past four years. When I accepted the role of consultant four years ago my Spanish was very rudimentary. Joaquin Frias has been my Spanish tutor during this period and has enabled me to become fluent enough to handle all of my day-to-day transactions with my Mexican colleagues in Spanish. His teaching style is to emphasize conversational Spanish using contemporary written material such as newspaper articles and other Spanish language publications. He sets high standards for me as his student and I have found that my progress has been remarkable due to his teaching techniques and patient teaching methods. Alan L. Schlang, Attorney, Canseco-Saldana-Escobedo, Queretaro, Qro., Mexico